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New CD & Digital Download ‘One Summer…’

Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal

Release 1st May 2017

Worlwide Distribution AMAdea Music

Available Google ,24/7 ,7 Digital, Amazon MP3, BounDEE, Emusic, iFeel Music, iMusica, iTunes,Juno, MediaNet Mobile Partners: AMI Entertainment & Gracenote – Streaming – Napster/Rhapsody/YouTube Art Tracks & many more

CDLP can be ordered through

Power Of Love Records


Haji Mike Releases 1993-2017

Cover artPoetz 4 Peace: A Pair of Olive Leaves (Digital Version), Poetz 4 Peace

Releases to date:


12 inch vinyl singles:

freebies – downloads

  • DubKey Label – ‘Haji Mike’s Prayer’ with Alpha & Omega remixed by Manwel T – get it here 
  • Dubophonic Label – ‘Pain Pain Gain Gain’  with Zion Dirty Sound – get it here
  • Dubophonic & DubKey – ‘Dead Polytricks’ with Red Star Martyrs – get it here 
  • Haji Mike & Med Dred – No Nazzi – in memory of Pavlos Fyssas aka Pavlos Fyssas – get it here  
  • Haji Mike ‘For 1 Gramnme’ DC Remix – get it here 
  • Haji Mike & Dub Caravan ‘ Extremes’ – get it here
  • Haji Mike & Kingdon Signam ‘#UniteCyprusNow’ – get it here