Haji Mike aka Mike HAjimichael

Dub Poet – Radio Presenter – DJ – Writer – Doctor of Philosophy

Born in Marathovouno, Cyprus, and rasied in London, England, Haji Mike is one of the most well known artist in the far eastern Mediterannean island. He is on Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, Bandcamp et al. He’s been on the BBC (Rhythms Of The World TV Programme, and Andy Kershaw live radio sessions) and has graced many  radio stations land and net based.

Lyrically he has appeared on many  artists creations (attempted full discography below) not only on dub, but hip hop, acid funk, dance and world music. He’s toured extensively throughout the world in South Africa, Japan, UK, Jamaica,  Greece, USA, Ireland, France, Portugal and his homeland, Cyprus. Currently he  DJ’s on 3 stations weekly including Nice Up Radio, Riddim 1 Radio & Feel It Radio 

Haji Mike is also an Associate Professor Head of The Department of Communications at The University of Nicosia, and  has lectured at conferences throughout the world.  He recently completed the book ‘Bob Marley and Media Representation and Audiences’ (Rowman & Littlefield, 2023)

The latest project featuring Haji Mike is called  ‘Sharka’ by Chaka Chouka, an online collaboration with Simon Webster, Bernard O’neill, and Mouna Eddrou 

The LP has been played all around the world. ‘Sharka’ is a scintillating mix of reggae, Moroccan music and funk. Simon wrote the original music and plays drums, percussion, guitar and melodica. Bernard produced the album and plays bass, organ, keyboards and baritone guitar. Sharka’ has lyrics in four different languages. Haji’s socially engaged dub poetry lyrics are complimented perfectly by Mouna’s Sufi inspired singing.

This vocal combination, thanks to Bernard’s excellent production remains a constant theme through out the album.

Morocco is a cultural crossroads where North African Berber culture meets the Middle East, the Sahara, sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. Chaka Chouka’s music is a reflection of this and also links seamlessly with the African roots, traditional “mento” music and jazz/ R n B influences of reggae. Listening to the album will infuse your senses with a unique blend of flavours from the Carribean, North Africa and the Middle East…….