The Chiofta

The Chiofta means a story from real life that could be true, painfully funny but bitter all the same. My podcast started during lockdowns, when I was recording one a day, hence the name ‘The Daily Chiofta’. My vernacular insights became a popular daily commentary for many people during those times. We even started a Facebook Group

I took a bit of a break from podcasting for a couple of years. During that time, a new digital release came out called ‘Acoustic Poetry’ and I wrote a book, my first monograph (believe it or not), called ‘Bob Marley and Media: Representation and Audiences’ . A few things changed in 2023. In spring, together with my friend Orestis Tringides, we started Koubebi Radio and by the end of the same year, I got back into podcasting, preferring a less exploitative platform than Spotify, namely Buzzsprout, and started The Chiofta again on a weekly basis. The format is the same; in other words, everyday stories and experiences that, in some cases, have seldom been told, but there is a twist. More or less every podcast includes a live acoustic ‘home mix’ song. These are often unreleased or new renditions of pre-existing songs. I guess this is a new format for podcasting, ‘The Song Chiofta’. Any way, you can tune in weekly, with each episode being made and released on Saturdays, and if you like what you hear, please subscribe and support